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An adoption story.....

Susan and Jeremy were busy raising their daughters, Eden and Mia when they found out they'd be blessed with twins. Unfortunately they lost them halfway through the pregnancy. As they say when one door closes another opens and in this case that was when Eden said, "Mommy maybe God wanted this to happen because you always wanted to foster." The Veenema family fostered 6 children total due to parental mental health issues, addiction and homelessness. Some of those families were able to regain custody of their children, but Susan and Jeremy were determined to make a difference in this world by continuing to reach out to children that had suffered trauma and were in need of support.

Gaige, Maddie & Maisie came to them so broken because of similar circumstances, but were also so full of life. They craved adventure and proved to be more resilient than what they had to overcome. Friends and family accepted and loved the children right away. I personally know Susan and Jeremy and can attest to their exceptional parenting as I've watched Eden and Mia grow into beautifully well rounded, kind young adults. They are the perfect role models for their little brother and sisters who in return have responded to ALL THAT LOVE and are flourishing.

Susan and Jeremy are excited to see how the children continue to grow, form lasting friendships, thrive in education and enjoy typical childhoods. They are grateful for all the opportunities now on the horizon for each one of these very lucky kids. Happy Adoption Day Veenema family!


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